Server Rules

Gameplay Rules

Do not cheat.
Modifying the game or your computer in any way to gain any sort of advantage over other players is forbidden. (Some but not limited to: Autoclickers, Mods that show information you by default dont know, hacked clients)
Do not pretend to cheat.
Do not claim you have cheats while you actually don't, nor should you pretend to cheat.
Do not abuse exploits.
Abuse of exploits or bugs to give yourself an advantage or drag out matches is not permitted. (Notable examples: Camping outside of bounds, escaping the spawn boxes, keeping a sword blocking state when you shouldn't)
Do not use inappropriate skins.
Skins that violate chat rules are not permitted.
Do not ban evade.
Ban evasion is not allowed. This includes joining on alts after your main has been banned.

Chat Rules

Do not Dox people.
DDoS/Doxxing threats are not allowed.
Do not use slurs.
Do not use slurs or other pejorative terms.
Do not harass other members.
Any sort of harassment is not allowed.
Fascism is not tolerated.
Fascism, reactionary stances, and exclusionary behavior is not allowed.
Do not spam.
Do not spam or excessively advertise.
Do not post NSFW content.
Do not post not safe for work (including but not limited to pornography and gore) content in the server.
Raids are not tolerated.
Do not encourage or organize raids.
Be civil.
Do not be toxic. Some level of banter might be acceptable, but keep it friendly.
Keep arguments peaceful.
Do not get too aggressive with arguments, please be reasonable and respect other people's opinions.
Do not discuss politics.
Discussing politically charged topics is not permitted.

Closing notes

Use common sense.
Not every single scenario is accounted for in this list of rules, that does not mean you can play around the edges of these rules.

Moderators may issue any punishment they see fit, with the consensus of other moderators.

Please comply with all warnings and advisement from the moderation team. Technicalities are not exceptions from moderation discretion.

Actions outside of this server can be judged under the rules of this server for moderation actions. Moderation is, at the end of the day, to keep users in a particular space feeling safe and comfortable, and if a user does not feel comfortable with another user due to actions outside of the server, it's still potentially a justified feeling which shouldn't be ignored.


LEM is not associated with Mojang Studios or 4J Studios.